gmail labels "inbox" and "all messages"

we are using gmail for business. the “inbox” label just contains the emails of the last three months. to see all mails, we have to use the label “all messages”. However, if I export both labels via IMAP (activated in gmail account) - I get all messages doubled up in the contact details section. If I then delete one of the “doubled” mails (in “inbox” e.g.) - it is deleted in all labels/folders.

Is there a work-around to avoid this behaviour? I want to see all emails, but not have it doubled in the contacts section. 

thank you! 

Hi, unfortunately this behavior is caused by the Gmail’s labeling system, in eM client, labels are displayed as folders and when an email has multiple labels assigned to it, it’s displayed in each folder…
Although I have no idea why older emails are not displayed in the inbox, unless you’re using some auto archiving feature maybe (the All Mail folder is basically an Archive).

We’re considering improving the labels feature for future releases of eM client.

Thank you for understanding,

thank you - we will try to avoid using the “All Mail” label. Also not to use the “archieve” button, which would only push more mails to this label. 

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for understanding, if you come across any other issue, or questions, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,