Gmail labels / folders and local cache.


I’ve setup eM to work with a Gmail IMAP account on my laptop. With Gmail I’ve made a lot of labels with filters to attach to the messages.

I see the messages show up at the correct folder (with the corresponding Gmail label). So far, so good.

Every time I am online, I like to sync the contents of the main Inbox (where all message are coming in). However, I do not like to sync every folder (nor wanting to use space for every folder this single message is appearing).

So I like to have every message stored once for offline usage and linked to each appropriate folder.

In this way, I can use the folders while I am offline while not taking up a lot of bandwidth and hd-space.

Is there a setting to accomplish this or may this be a good future request?

BTW: I am switching over from Thunderbird and I like eM much more! Hope this can be fixed as it’s also not possible with Thunderbird.

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To store locally is easy. Just right-click on the folder that you want to store locally -> Property -> Offline.

With the other problem you mention, I assume you’re using labels as a ‘tag’ (as most people do). Which results in message appears both in the Inbox and under the folder that its has being labelled (correspond) to. Again, since the message are under inbox, so it would appear twice under eM as it should. The only way to solve this problem is to archive any message that has being labelled so it won’t be in the Inbox. You can do this manually or create rules under Gmail to do this automatically.

I am new here, and want to know how would em archiving behave if i have in gmail mails with several labels/tag/folders. Will i get duplicate/tripplicate/… downloaded email if i archive gmail to emclient? Will i have database increasedbecause of several copies of he same email?

Yes, it is the only possible solution at the moment. If you have an email labeled as Inbox, Starred and Important, you will get three copies of the same message in eM Client but you can avoid this by disabling showing of e.g. “Starred” folder in IMAP in Gmail settings.