Gmail is undeliverable


can someone help with this please, this bloody gmail issue is driving me nuts across 2 email programs. It’s also now critical as it is impacting on professional outcomes. It’s just nuts.

The following message to <[x…[email protected]]> was undeliverable.

The reason for the problem:

5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 550-‘5.7.26 This message does not pass authentication checks (SPF and DKIM both\n5.7.26 do not pass). SPF check for [] does not pass with ip:\n5.7.26 [].To best protect our users from spam, the message has\n5.7.26 been blocked. Please visit\n5.7.26 Prevent mail to Gmail users from being blocked or sent to spam - Gmail Help for more\n5.7.26 information. q27-20020a638c5b000000b00439e032490csi5702584pgn.350 - gsmtp’

Does this IP address,, belong to your ISP?
If so, have you contacted them to resolve the problem?

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Ive seen this happening a bit where customers on some Aussie ISP’s are sending to Gmail address’s via Ozemail SMTP servers or Ozemail mailboxes and getting SPF check errors rejected and bounced back.

is there a workaround you know of?
this is getting really inconvenient for me…


ahh ok so this is TPG
I will have at them in the morning