Gmail IMAP Warning Errors

I have Eset Smart Security Version 9, which is more complexed to setup than previous versions. Could anybody please help?. I mention Eset, as previous posts mention this as the problem unless EM Client now has a fix?. I am a registered user on version 6.0.24316.0 the latest version.

Same happened to me after updating eM Client. Disabled email protection for now.

The original cause was, I deleted a gmail folder in the Google - Gmail settings through Chrome. em Client obviously had a problem with this?.

I removed my gmail imap account from em client.
Restarted my laptop to flush everything out.
Re-added my gmail imap account and all is working okay.

Hope this helps others.

Hi Robert,
glad your issue is fixed now, though the problem could have been cause by any connection or sync anomaly. Since you did not include any logs, it’s impossible to say now.
Thank you for sharing your solution though.