GMAIL IMAP failure to upload - HELP

I have 4 gmail IMAP accounts setup in em client. In one of my IMAP accounts the inbox has several sub folders that I use to organize things. At first em client seemed to be working fine, but today it’s giving me several errors stating “an error has occured” Unable to upload message “Folder doesn’t exist” failure - when in fact the folder is there and I’m able to use outlook to do the same function. Please help.

I am sorry for the delayed reply - does the problem persist?

I have the same problem and it has persisted for months. The error message reads something like “unable to upload message (etc. …) from trash”. I have searched for the message so i could delete it from trash but cannot find it. “Ignore” sends it away for awhile but it pops up again. It is most annoying.

Did you try to enter the subject of the message to Search bar?

I did and found the several messages that had this subject line.that are still accessible and not in trash. The error message also says “message contains bare newlines”. I have 20 new error messages on the same topic since yesterday. Is there a way to tell your software to forget about it?

Unfortunately not, the error messages will still appear until you delete the large message eM Client is trying upload to the server.

Hi George
That is the pits because I cannot locate the file either to delete it.

Now I have another problem. As of yesterday eM is no longer keeping a copy of my sent messages! What is up with this?


please check out if you have in Tools - Settings- Mail - Send marked off “Save sent emails…”