Gmail IMAP connection error occasionally

i receive occasionally the following error message with my gmail account:

(but it also happened with other, non-gmail, POP3 accounts).

if i check then my IMAP-settings, everything is OK.

i’ve made a log file, but doesn’t see any error message there:

12:56:40.259|019|   + idling
13:06:21.433|012|   DONE
13:06:21.508|019|   A32 OK IDLE terminated (Success)
13:06:21.508|012|   A33 XLIST “” “%”
13:06:21.548|019|   * XLIST (\Inbox \HasNoChildren) “/” “Be&AOk-rkez&AVE- levelek”
13:06:21.550|019|   * XLIST (\HasChildren \Noselect) “/” “[Gmail]”
13:06:21.550|019|   A33 OK Success
13:06:21.550|012|   A34 STATUS “INBOX” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.590|019|   * STATUS “INBOX” (UNSEEN 0)
13:06:21.591|019|   A34 OK Success
13:06:21.591|012|   A35 XLIST “” “INBOX/%”
13:06:21.628|019|   A35 OK Success
13:06:21.628|012|   A36 XLIST “” “Inbox/%”
13:06:21.664|019|   A36 OK Success
13:06:21.665|012|   A37 XLIST “” “[Gmail]/%”
13:06:21.702|019|   * XLIST (\Starred \HasNoChildren) “/” “[Gmail]/Csillagozott”
13:06:21.703|019|   * XLIST (\HasNoChildren \Sent) “/” “[Gmail]/Elk&APw-ld&APY-tt levelek”
13:06:21.704|019|   * XLIST (\HasNoChildren \Important) “/” “[Gmail]/Fontos”
13:06:21.707|019|   * XLIST (\Trash \HasNoChildren) “/” “[Gmail]/Kuka”
13:06:21.708|019|   * XLIST (\HasNoChildren \Drafts) “/” “[Gmail]/Piszkozatok”
13:06:21.708|019|   * XLIST (\HasNoChildren \Spam) “/” “[Gmail]/Spam”
13:06:21.708|019|   * XLIST (\HasNoChildren \AllMail) “/” “[Gmail]/&ANY-sszes lev&AOk-l”
13:06:21.708|019|   A37 OK Success
13:06:21.708|012|   A38 STATUS “[Gmail]/Csillagozott” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.709|012|   A39 STATUS “[Gmail]/Elk&APw-ld&APY-tt levelek” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.709|012|   A40 STATUS “[Gmail]/Fontos” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.709|012|   A41 STATUS “[Gmail]/Kuka” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.709|012|   A42 STATUS “[Gmail]/Piszkozatok” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.709|012|   A43 STATUS “[Gmail]/Spam” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.709|012|   A44 STATUS “[Gmail]/&ANY-sszes lev&AOk-l” (UNSEEN)
13:06:21.746|019|   * STATUS “[Gmail]/Csillagozott” (UNSEEN 0)
13:06:21.746|019|   A38 OK Success
13:06:21.784|019|   * STATUS “[Gmail]/Elk&APw-ld&APY-tt levelek” (UNSEEN 0)
13:06:21.784|019|   A39 OK Success
13:06:21.785|019|   * STATUS “[Gmail]/Fontos” (UNSEEN 0)
13:06:21.785|019|   A40 OK Success
13:06:21.785|019|   * STATUS “[Gmail]/Kuka” (UNSEEN 2)
13:06:21.787|019|   A41 OK Success
13:06:21.787|019|   * STATUS “[Gmail]/Piszkozatok” (UNSEEN 0)
13:06:21.788|019|   A42 OK Success
13:06:21.788|019|   * STATUS “[Gmail]/Spam” (UNSEEN 17)
13:06:21.788|019|   A43 OK Success
13:06:21.788|019|   * STATUS “[Gmail]/&ANY-sszes lev&AOk-l” (UNSEEN 0)
13:06:21.788|019|   A44 OK Success
13:06:21.814|012|   A45 UID FETCH 1:1469 (X-GM-LABELS FLAGS) (CHANGEDSINCE 139968)
13:06:21.859|019|   A45 OK Success
13:06:21.861|012|   A17 SELECT “[Gmail]/Csillagozott” (CONDSTORE)
13:06:24.870|017|   A46 IDLE
13:06:24.949|019|   + idling
13:16:21.870|017|   DONE

any idea why i’m getting this error message?

another error message:

Hi Peter, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? From the submitted data, I can only see the error occurring for your gmail account, do you think you could enable IMAP logging for the problematic account in Tools > Settings > Advanced and replicate the issue?

Once the error reoccurs, please go back to the advanced settings window and submit the logging data to my email, with a reference link to this forum topic using the “Send logs” button.

Thank you,

hi Paul,

my version of eM Client: 6.0.21372.0
i’ve got windows 8.1 64bit and Emsisoft IS (everything is allowed for eM).
the main problem is with my gmail account. (–> occasionally IMAP error message)
email and log sent.

thx, Peter

I have the same problem. I hope a solution will be found and the results made public in this thread.

Hi Peter, Hi Ben, thank you for reporting this, but unfortunately I was unable to find any related information regarding the issue in the received logs. Logs seem to show no error during IMAP synchronization, please make sure to submit full logging data in order to proceed.

This issue can occur with gmail for example if you delete a folder in the webmail application, while eM Client is open, or you delete the folder on another instance of eM client or another client. However application restart should be able to resolve the issue as the folder list is resynchronized on each startup of the application.

Try to re-setup your account in eM client if the issue persist.