GMail groups not supported?

Does anyone know the extent of Gmail support in this app?  Or rather the limitations?
I just found out that Gmail contact GROUPS seems not to be supported.  They simply don’t exist.  Not in categories either.  When creating a new contact in eM-Client the field doesn’t exist.


I think you are correct-- it does not support contact groups.  Other than that, it’s pretty good supporting Gmail.  Can’t think of other issues I have run into.

The vast majority of their client base are Gmail users, so 7.x definitely follows the Gmail conventions (much to the displeasure of many…)

Great to hear!  Thanks Jay!
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your assistance during my eval.  I hope emc gives you a token of gratitude now and then as I have seen an incredible number of your posts while I’m reading the forums (because when I’m not testing the app I’m reading past posts, I want this thing to go smooth and not miss anything! LOL)

Thanks again

My pleasure David.