Gmail Folders not recognized

EM Client doesn’t show Gmail IMAP Folders.

Can`t see Sent & Spam “system” folders

Also I san`t see 99% of folders/labels created by myself in Outlook, Thunderbird & Gmail web interface.

All folders are enabled in Gmail.

could you please also attach a screenshot of the folders that are shown in eM Client?


Hi Olivia.

can you please set up IMAP logging in Tools>Settings>Advanced?
Restart eM Client.
Resynchronize your account (Right click the account name in the folder tree, Properties>Repair, click Repair and wait for the resync to finish).

Go back to advanced settings and send the logs to [email protected] with a link to this forum thread.

I checked the logs and the problem is that the mail server is sending no information about the other folders.
I consulted it with our developers and the problem could be with the folders that have the Slash symbol in their name ([Gmail]/News, etc), which seem to be the ones not included in the IMAP log.


But we have system folders with fixed names what are inaccessible by EM Client (Sent, Trash, Spam).

How can I fix names with slashes- just delete all Gmail labels from WEB_GUI and manualy recreate then from EM Client ??? 

Try renaming one of the the Labels inside the Setting>Labels section in Gmail and see if that fixes the issue for that folder(for example, changing the [Gmail]/News to just News).

Ive renamed Labels & removed [Gmail] prefix from them - now they seems fine. This is the goon one. The Bad - I dont see system Gmail folders - Drafts, Sent, Spam and so on.
Images below, fresh logs send in email.

Is anybody home ?

Problem fixed:
Solution -

Rename IMAP folders so that their names do not interfere with Google system folders , and forcibly specify the path to the folders.