Gmail extensions

Is there any possibility to integrate gmail extensions like teamleader, mailtracker, …?

I see lots of questions and complaints about Google-Mail-Compatibility etc.

Don ́t get me wrong, but:
Why don ́t you guy understand, that Google does not want you to use a 3rd-party eMail-Application with their services?

They want you to use their Web-Interface since this will give them full access to all your data and activities which they need to analyze for their advertising-business.

You want the Google-Features? then you have to use the Google-Interface.


It was not a complaint, just a question.
For me, the strength of eM client is its compatibility with gmail and google calendar.
Therefore the question of other google compatibilities wasn’t unlogic.

But it is clear this isn’t possible.
Thank you for your response.


Hello Adriaan,
while Fritz’s answer is quite direct, it is true in its essence.
With the addition of Gmail labels we improved our Gmail support greatly, but unfortunately, it is not possible to include ALL Gmail features that way, as not all of them even have APIs available and we would not be able to access all the data.
Thank you for understanding.