Gmail; downloading and deleting messages and attachments

Need a way to download messages and attachments from a gmail account. Closing gmail account for a senior citizen and don’t want to leave personal information on the Internet.

How do I do this with em mail?

To download Gmail including any email attachments from EMClient you can eg: Create folders on your Windows desktop the same name and then literally drag the emails out of the folder in EMClient to the same / matching folder on the desktop. Also works in reverse if you setup a clean email account.

Note: Apart from that you can backup the entire EMClient mailbox using the built in backup.

Perhaps I am not being clear. I want to “clean out” a gmail account by down loading all the messages and attachments to em mail.

The end result I am seeking is an empty gmail account which can be closed.

There are over 50,000 messages in this account. The attachments are of grandchildren that their parents have requested be removed from gmail now that this account is no longer in use.

By doing what I wrote above does download the email to your computer in the same folders to keep. I have done that a few times.

Then to cleanout all your Gmail folders (If you are using EMClient) go to the (All Mail) folder on the left and choose (Select all) in the edit menu and delete. This will delete all your Gmail from every folder at once.

The other option is to remove your Gmail account from EMClient and the go on the web to Gmail and login and (Close) your account). which normally deletes all your email when you do that.