Gmail double authentification


It seems that adding a Gmail account is impossible if Google double authentification is activated.

If I use my usual password + Google authenticator => the browser says that javascript is disabled. Despite activation of every parameters on iexplorer +  edge, nothing change.
If I create a specific password, Google says that application password isn’t allowed for this software.

I’m locked…

Can someone help me ?

Thank you :smiley:

we are aware of the javascript issue, but are not sure why is the 2 step verification triggering it. There are few workarounds that have helped other users though.

First workaround that seemed to help are these steps:

  1. Change your google account so that two-factor verification is disabled. You can let google save your 2f settings when you disable it.
  2. Remove and re-add the account to EM.
  3. Let EM re-sync everything
  4. Turn two-factor back on.

The second workaround is setting IE 11 security level mode to medium and disabling protected mode in security tab worked for some users.

Another workaround that seemed to work for others is to open Internet Explorer and log in to with your Google Apps account. Then go back to emClient and log in again.

I realize these are not ideal solutions, but just something to try to get your account working until we find a proper fix.

Best regards,