Gmail diagnostics fails but account seems to work

I have a client who uses EM Client (latest version 6). He has a single Gmail account, that appears to work, except that the diagnostics test for this account fails as it asks for the ID and Password, even though this has been entered when the account was first set up in EM Client. When he enters the correct Gmail ID and P/W, em client responds that the authentication has failed, even though he can send and receive mails. He has recently had to change his email address and password after a supplier’s data was compromised, but his name is the same.
Could this be an error in the way that em client stores the info in the main.dat SQL File?

there should not be an issue with storing of the information. Which version of eM Client is your client running? Have they tried removing and re-adding their account (if it’s an IMAP)? Is there any error pop up or log data from the Operations window you could share?

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Version is 6.0.23421.0.
Client is away at the moment so I cannot try the things you have suggested. I will post the results next week (around 12 November).
He is still able to send/receive emails, despite the diagnostics failing.
Could the diagnostics be failing because of some Gmail change to do with securing Contacts/ Calendar?

I have the same issue. I am login ok and working (send and received) but when I test the diagnostics, it said fail and credential were rejected for IMAP and SMTP… very odd. I have click save logs, but where did the log saved?

Hi Ada,
what version of eM Client are you running? What account does this happen on?
I failed to address back to this issue, but there have been changes to Gmail accounts around November, so it was sometimes needed to resynchonize the account.
Could you screenshot the window that tells you that the Credentials were rejected?