GMail Corperate Account authentication

I just updated this morning to the new EM Client with the new authentication system implemented. It is working well with my personal gmail account, no problems. I have a second gmail account which is actually a corperate account associated with my employer (thus it isn’t just, but

When EM Client tries to authenticate this account, it pops up a browser window with navigation error displayed. Screenshot attached.



Maybe one of those threads will give you insight…

Thanks for linking, looks like there are a number of OAuth issues, but mine isn’t exactly like these. In my case, as shown in the screen shots it just immediately comes up with the broke page link. No sign of life.

Hello Carlo, sorry to see this, is it possible you may have some security software on your computer enabled that has caused the application’s inability to connect to your mail server?
If you have software of this kind installed on your computer e.g. firewall, proxy or any antivirus software with mail protection features, can you please try to temporarily disable these security elements and check if the issue persists?

Thank you.

I have disabled all of this, though it should be noted that “my mail server” is google, my company is under contract with google and all of our mail comes from gmail. To be clear, disabling firewall and AV is no help, it didn’t work. I loaded fiddler and then em client to see if I could get a better idea of what is going on. Here is a partial decode on what looks to be the authentication request. There is a lot more to t his page than what I posted here, it includes a google address with reference to my corporate domain, but I have refrained from posting all of that here. I think you have a very real problem with your oAuth, I don’t think people who are using gmail for their company email can use em client currently.

302 Found


The document has moved

For kicks pasted the whole error response into a text file and changed it to .html, I followed the URL in the response. The result was exactly the same error em client users are seeing, navigation cancelled - there was a problem with your address etc.

I’m sure that you guys probably know fiddler, but just in case (and for everyone’s benefit)

Hello again Carlo, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this problem using our Gmail and Google Apps accounts, so please note this is an issue specific to your setup.

In case the issue persists, do you think you could submit the fiddler logging data to us for more information about the application’s behavior. Please submit the data to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic in order to resolve the problem.

Thank you.

I would love to submit the log to you, except I fear it’s quite possible I would then be in violation of my corporations security policies. Unfortunately I’ve shared about as much as I’m able to at the moment. I know, not helpful =(

I will say that oAuth on google devices and even via websites using this account does work perfectly, everything hums just like a standard gmail account. It truly is a issue that is very specific to EM Client. I really hope this can get fixed.

Hello again, I’m sorry but the update that includes the OAuth implementation has been pushed to majority of our users and we’re not receiving reports regarding this problem, which points us towards a setup issue, if you’re unable to submit logging data to us, please make sure no other application’s are blocking the application’s connection or that there is no redirection setup in your network or proxy that would disable the application’s ability to connect to your mail server.

If you’re using a corporate solution, your current google apps implementation may not support OAuth, in that case try to setup the account again using manual setup with the use of the recommended server settings in Tools > Accounts > New Account > Other.

Also please note that as a Free license user you’re not entitled to use the application in a corporate environment, please make sure to resolve this problem as otherwise you would be acting against the Terms of Use, that you’ve agreed with after Downloading the application.

Thank you,

Thanks for clarifying that, I’m sorry about misusing the license I didn’t realize that was a term. Unfortunately because of these current issues I’m actually having to switch to using gmail in a browser anyhow as sort of the point of this was to have the services integrated (mostly contact, calendar).