GMail Contacts sync fails

Contacts failing sync every other hour. I have 2 gmail accounts, and I’m simply swarmed by emClient errors while syncing. It happens every hour or so. Operaions window opens and the message states “An error occured. Synchronizing folder [email protected]/Contacts/ failed with an error: Execution of request failed:… (Invalid start-index)”. Every hour for both accounts. Really annoying. Though, the rest of emClient works really great!

Same here.

I’m having exactly the same problem.

I’ve been an EM Client user for about a month now. I am using the free version with 2 Google accounts running G Apps on my domains.

I am often getting the same errors. I am not averse to making one of the domains into an office 365 or Windows Live Domain account so that my separate groups of contacts can sync with different servers. Perhaps this is not a problem with EM Client but I am just trying to do do too many Google operations at once and that’s why I’m getting errors. Any thoughts?

Same issue here. Just installed client on new laptop. Used it previously on different laptop with no issue.

I am having the problem intermittently across both google account. I am going to switch to the browser for the time being.

emC is usually pretty stable. This appears to be recent glitch.

Hope it can be fixed soon.

I’m having the same issue. It occurs every time I sync with Gmail. It does appear, however, that contacts are syncing, though.

I have other error as well:

I hope that is a temporary problem with Google…

Me Too!

Since a couple of days I can no longer sync my contacts for ONE of my accounts in emc. The other account is still syncing contacts fine. Bothe are GMAIL accounts.

I deleted all my contacts in Google for this account (exported to vcard first).
Deleted all conacts in emc.
Still same error Invalid unsigned integer value …

Solution seems to be here…

I misspoke above. New contacts and changes to existing contacts are not syncing in either direction. Sorry for my error.

Even after I downloaded the EM client update – posted in the link above – I am still having a problem. Sync issues with GData. I’ve reverted to using Chrome or a Chrome variant. I can have my 2 Google accounts open there and with the Checker Plus extension — this setup isn’t half bad.

@Andy_48 - sounds like that ‘solution’ has it’s own issues. Hopefully the devs will push out a new version soon, or at least say something - haven’t seen a dev on that thread for quite a few days…

I already installed eM Client update as per Andy_48 suggestion.

So far, no more errors from GData services. Thank mate!

I’ve not had a sync error since updating.

Good to hear - have you had any of the other display issues that people on the other thread have mentioned?

Although the contact sync errors are annoying, I’m nervous about installing a hotfix that might affect other functionality…

@ahnlak: So far no additional problems.

same I do as well have 2 gmail accounts I am about to go to another email program it is annoying to get these errors all the time