Gmail Contacts not syncing, yahoo contacts acting weird

Gmail Contacts are missing completely. No contacts appear at all. I deleted my gmail account completely and then reestablished it but still the same.

I can see my yahoo contacts and then gmail has a checkmark, but shows nothing.

As a side-issue, my Yahoo contacts shows 20 initially, then shows the rest )140) and then returns to 20 and starts over again. It constantly refreshes between a few and all of them.

What is going on?

I uninstalled eM Client and reinstalled and it seems to be working now. I’ve got Gmail contacts back and Yahoo contacts just has the usual problem of “invalid password” that has been reported.

So, if anyone else has this issue above, try reinstalling the program.

I am glad it is working now.

I reinstalled but it made no difference.

Hello Doug, please note this forum topic is over two years old, if you’re having issues with the application, can you please open a new topic and describe the application’s behaviour more closely?

Please don’t forget to include information about your current application setup (such as version release, mail service, etc.) for more information about your issue.

Hope you understand,