Gmail Contacts error

As of today I am getting a persistent error that gmail/Contacts cannot be synced because the Contacts API is deprecated.
Are there instructions for how to fix this somewhere?

Version: 7.2.40748.0
Licence: Pro

Here is the Google announcement

I attempted to find the emClient response (I know I saw it at one time) but unsuccessful. Perhaps someone will supply the link.

Perhaps you will need v8.x

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Google Contacts won’t synchronize with older versions of eM Client

Dear user,

As of June 15th, 2021, Google will phase out the Google Contacts API and replace it with the People API, which is not supported by older versions of eM Client.

Since you’re still using an older version of eM Client which doesn’t support the new People API, you need to upgrade to eM Client’s version 8.2 in order to keep synchronizing your Google Contacts.

If you do not wish to upgrade, but you need your Google Contacts, you can work around this situation by copying the contacts to Local Folders and switch off the Google Contacts service.

Also, the Translator API v.2 featured in older versions of eM Client is no longer supported after May 24th, 2021. If you wish to use the instant translation of emails feature further, you need to upgrade your eM Client as well.

Simply download and install the latest version of eM Client.

NOTE: We recommend to create a backup of your eM Client database before you install the newest version.


Yours sincerely,
eM Client team

Thanks, both. I had seen neither the Google announcement nor the eM response. I can’t make head or tail of the Google statement, but the eM says I just need to download a new version, so I shall do that.

Oh. I see have to pay an extra £25 to fix this problem. That’s annoying.