GMail Contacts Corruption of Family Data

Just started evaluating eM Client version 5. and got bitten by the issue raised by Matteo Acciaroli 8 months ago (restated below). Have these issues been resolved in version 6 beta?

Not so concerned with information not synchronising. However, when touching the record in eM Client deletes the information (e.g., contact’s children) in the master copy on Google then that is potentially a MAJOR issue. e.g., if I update the phone number in eM Client it could be ages before I realise it’s deleted the contact’s children’s names. By then recovering from a backup is infeasible because of the amount of change made to other contacts.

Can you also provide a link to the current beta as from what I’ve read so far it appears to be relatively stable.



8 months ago Matteo Acciaroli posted:

Great Job! Google Contacts synchronization is working better now!

Still are not syncing these fields:

  • GPS
  • Department
  • Office
  • Profession
  • Manager’s Phone
  • Assistant’s Phone
  • Bank Account
  • Salutation
  • Children
  • Anniversary
  • Hobbies
  • Gender
  • Languages

Still there is a case of data loss:
If I fill Relation: Son, Mum, Dad, etc… on the server side and then I made a modification to any field of the same contact via emClient, the content of these fields are lost on the server side.

Found the link to the beta.

Unfortunately it looks like saving any change to the contact in eM Client will remove the family data on Google. Can this corruption issue be fixed as a priority?

Is it only the “child” relation that is affected? I’m assuming that affected data must be limited otherwise this issue would render contact syncing to Google unusable as we’d be losing data all over the place !!!



Unfortunately this is caused by technical impossibility to synchronize all fields in contacts. There is nothing to do about it at this moment.


I wasn’t so concerned about the inability to synchronise the fields, but that making a change to an unrelated field in eM Client would remove the family relationship data in Google. Wouldn’t be an issue if it just left the Google family relationship data as it was.


I understand your point of view, but problem is that it is impossible to synchronize “just some fields” with Gmail’s contacts - at least I’ve been told this by developer.