Gmail Contacts - Categories

I just started using em Client and I want to make sure I understand the relationship between Gmail contact groups and em Client contact categories.

I synced my Gmail contacts and from within em client I wanted to apply a Gmail group to a contact, but couldn’t. It seems I am unable to apply Gmail groups to contacts within em client. Is that the case?

I see I can create a new category in em client that matches the Gmail contact group and use that, but there is no way to simply select a contact and apply a Gmail group to that contact? 

Hi krosbonz,

it’s true, it doesn’t work. You can only add a category to a new contact in Gmail in  a “normal way” but not in em7. Once you have enterd your new contact in Gmail it will be syncronized with em7.

You can enter the category name manually in em7 but ist difficult to find the correct color. This is the only Gmail feature which is not adapted in em7. 

Gmal Categories should be synchronized with em7 categories for contacts, but this is not the case.

Ritchie - normal User

Thank you for the information.

This does seem to work the other way around; 

If I have a contact that syncs to em client, and I apply a category that matches a Gmail group, that contact in Gmail will then be a member of the matching Gmail group. 

So, I sync a contact
That contact was not a member of a Gmail group
I create a new category in em client that matches a Gmail group and apply it to the contact
When I look in Gmail that contact is now a member of the Gmail group