Gmail Contact Name Not Imported

I have a contact who has five e-mail addresses and a profile picture. The contact’s contact information is stored in Gmail. The contact has a given and last name specified (as normal).

In em Client, the contact’s name does not appear in the contacts section.

Can you please send me the problematic contact saved in .vcf format? Thank you.
[email protected]

Thanks for your quick reply. I just did a bit of investigation to try to figure out what the problem is. Here are some details about the contact:
-The first e-mail address is not a Gmail address.
-One of the other e-mail addresses is a Gmail address.
-If I explicitly set the contact’s name in Gmail or em Client then it works correctly.
-If I remove the contact’s name from within Gmail, Gmail says “New Data Was Found” and sets the contact’s name again. (It probably gets it from the user’s Gmail account or from one of his e-mail headers.) In this case, Gmail behaves as if the contact has a name set, but the vCard and em Client show that the contact does not have a name set.

I intend to e-mail the vcf file to you (exported from the Gmail website) shortly.

I am afraid I cannot provide you any solution at the moment because if it is not filled in vCard properly, then eM Client cannot detect the name in any other way.