gmail calendar synchronization

Hello, on my Gmail account the synchronization of the calendar on the PC does not work well: if I add an appointment from the web or from android it adds it but if I delete from the web or from android it does not delete it, even after 1 hour. events have no errors. some idea? 


eM Client has never been know to reliably sync with Google Calendar. You can search this forum for solutions, but they are all manual and just waste time. Better to use another calendar provider.

ok, thanks for the reply

I noticed though that the same thing happens to me with office 365.

I’m having the same issues.  One calendar won’t sync.  The other calendar is only bringing in about 50% of the calendar entries that should be displayed.  This has happened only after recent updates. 

It is a shame, as I found this program to suit my offices needs for an email client.  Wasn’t expecting something as simple as a calendar sync to be broken for this long…  Might have to look elsewhere for a more reliable program, now.

Running EM Client pro lifetime on Win7 pro.

As a Pro License user, you can always open a support ticket with eM Client. Or, as this issue appeared after an update, uninstall eM Client and then get the previous version from the Release History. Choosing not to delete the database directory during the uninstall will mean all your data and settings will still be there after the downgrade.

I had moved from Google Calendars to another provider years back because of the known issues with eM Client. But it is interesting that with 7.2.37472 (which was removed from the release history today) I had been doing some testing and I had no problems with Google Calendars.

Syncing of calendars and contacts has been broken for years now. I have tried to get Pro support to look at it but they don’t know how to fix it.