Gmail Calendar Signon Won't Accept Typing in Password Field

I have just installed the Beta version of emclient 7.  I am using Google’s Calendar.  During setup emclient prompted me for my Google password.  However I am unable to type characters in the password field.  My keyboard appears to be disabled.

Hey Paul,

I’ve sent you an email detailing further instructions.


Is there some way to revert to emclient 6?  It has now crashed in the middle of a lengthy email which will be difficult to reproduce and I rely on my email too much to have that happen.
I tried to download the setup.msi for V6 but was told there was a later version installed when I ran it.
Do I have to completely remove emclient before re-installing Version 6?

Hi Paul,
you need to uninstall version 7 and then run the install of version 6.
Don’t worry as uninstall won’t affect your data in any way. The new install will pair back up with your old version 6 database.