gmail calendar setup

Been happily using eM client for years for emails and now trying to synch my google calendar. Keep getting the message about Javascript being disabled. However I’ve checked in Chrome  settings and it’s all on.
I’ve tried adding the account through automatic setup and through calendar but both come up with the same message.
Any ideas would be helpful.

What version of eM Client are you using?

I’m not sure - how would I find out? Sorry - bit of a technophobe!

Menu > Help > About

It’s 6.0.24985.0

You need to upgrade to a newer version of eM Client, preferably the latest release. You can download that from

In a recent comment by Olivia Rust on this issue, she said that eM Client 6 can no longer connect to Gmail.


Thanks for your help, I’ll give that a go.

I did the upgrade at about 1pm but there is still a message saying ‘Going offline’ this operation may take a while. I am being patient, but thought 7 hours may be too long? Have i done something wrong?

Please help as I’m now stuck with no emails. The upgrade will not work - it’s asking me to renew or downgrade. However I don’t know how to down grade OR renew the licence. When I click ‘Proceed’ I just get the 'Going Offline message. 
If I can’t fix this today I will be forced to use another provider!

Are you using a Pro License for version 6? Unfortunately, unless you have lifetime upgrades, the version 6 license will not work with version 7. You can upgrade the license at for a fee.

If you want to downgrade so you can continue with your version 6 license, close eM Client, and then uninstall it. Download your previous version from and install it. You will be back to where you were.