Gmail calendar one way sync problem


I am trying to sync eM Client with my Google Calendar, but for some reason the events I create in the Google web interface do not propagate to eM Client after pressing refresh button. Once I restart the client to appears there immediatelly. The oposite direction from eM Client to Google web interface works just fine.

Looking into the sync history report I see there a difference of syncing with application start and by presing refresh only

22:31:03 [Google Calendar]  Synchronizing folder list

Application new start
22:31:47 [Google Calendar]  Synchronizing folder list
22:31:47 [Google Calendar]  Synchronizing folder ‘’

Any idea if I have anything wrong in settings that cause that ?

Many thanks in advance for help


Yes i too have this problem. Refreshing EMClient (If left open) makes no difference. You have to close and reopen EMclient to get changes from Gmail calendar on the web.

I’m running Windows 10 64 Bit & EMClient V 7.1.30794.0

Note:- The Contacts and Tasks & Mail entered via Gmail online (all update within 30secs in EMClient) when you refresh, just not the Calendar. So it appears the EMClient Refresh button is not picking up changes in the Gmail Calendar.

yes, thats exactly my config in terms of version and also that mail and contacts work just fine, the only issue is with the Gmail Calendar

There were suggested workarounds from other users, like deselecting and reselecting calendars, or downgrading to a previous version of eM Client. See

I moved back to Thunderbird for mission critical calendaring, but I have noticed that my installation of eM Client is no longer having this problem.

Yes Gary as you said back at that time on the link above, the problem is not with Google as Thunderbird worked and it was only EMClient that failed to update the calendar. Changing the sync intervals made no difference for me either.

So this appears to still be a bug and needs more work by EM Client programmers. I am also not using a shared calendar. I personally don’t want to use Thunderbird.

EMClient needs to do a fix / patch to sync the calendar correctly from the web when users press refresh. So whatever happens when you close and reopen EMClient needs to also happen when you press the refresh button so the calendar then syncs correctly.

I did not see the mentioned thread before posting my question…, but then there is the statement of Russel Markosky mentioned on the end of his post “Pressing the Refresh button should still synchronize the calendar instantly.” , but that is actually not working for me neither. Also from his post it seems that support does not see this as an issue  - do you know how to raise a support ticket ?

As mentioned by cyberzork - whatever EMClient does on start it should be able to do by pressing the Refresh button 

I am still evaluating whats the best client to use with multiple users accessing same google calendar. I do not remember anymore why I have not been happy with Thunderbird, I guess it was the default duration of meetings 15mins which was problem. In any case this refresh issue is unfortuantelly shows stoper for me to go EMClient way which otherwise looks as perfect fit.

Yes, Refresh was not working for me either and it still has not been addressed by eM Client in this forum. I understand support tickets are for paid users only. :slight_smile:

You can change the default meeting duration in Thunderbird so maybe it was something else. Thunderbird has many additional features which would be welcomed in eM Client, but being able to set separate refresh intervals per calendar is a BIG plus. And as I noted in the other post, the sync interval is not restricted to 15 minutes.