Gmail Calendar Daily Limit Errors

I do constantly get “synchronizing calendar list failed with and error. Daily limit exceeded” message. Problem started 25th of September 2012, afternoon. Checked with Google regarding the bandwidth limits for imap sync. No problem there. By 26th, still getting these errors. I use pro version of em client and this calendar issue crippled my workflow. Please advice.

I Have excactly the same problem which also started yesterday afternoon and are continueing today.

Seems not to be a singular problem. I’ve got the same problem since yesterday. Error message “daily limit exceeded” while synchronising my google calendar. Problem exists for more than 12 hours and is not fixed by restarting eMClient or computer. Some folks who posted their question like me into another discussion (which is marked as “answered”) asked whether this is an internel eMClient or google problem.

Hope somebody will answer this question very soon and will propose a solution. For some weeks eMClient worked very properly but without a reliable synchronising of calendars it’s quite worthless.

Here is the answer that I got from EM

it is only a temporary problem which hopefully will be resolved soon. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

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Juraj Micek
eM Client

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So far client works fine :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed anyway…

Mine works fine again too.

My installation works fine again, too. Must have been a miracle because it was said that nothing on any side had been changed. But just this makes me nervous…

Like others, I am no longer seeing the problem. But I agree with Jorg-Olaf – an explanation of what was causing this problem and how it was fixed would be very helpful. Was it a gmail problem? Obviously no change was made on everyone’s eM Client installation. To just say it is a temporary issue that will be resolved is not a very complete answer. Also, Derek asked in this thread… whether the sync data goes through an eM server and whether it’s encrypted. This thread is marked answered, but this question wasn’t addressed.

A better understanding of how this process works and what caused this error would be helpful. Thanks.

Hi Mike, thanks for the good description! As I already wrote the fact that there were no obvious changes makes me feel nervous. Before the problem occured I didn’t think about the way the synchronisation of calendar works. I thought that the request for synchronisation is a matter between my PC and Gmail. Maybe that’s naive? But it seems as if some third parties could be involved. And I would be interested to know what really happens with my data. I’m not really satisfied because I can’t be sure that the “problem” is finally solved without any information about the background for this. Maybe we should follow the saying “While there’s life there’s hope” .…