Gmail Archive from Inbox Smart Folder

I think you should be able to archive Gmail messages from the Smart Inbox folder. I know that you probably aren’t doing this because non-gmail accounts may also be included in this Inbox, but most of my email reading is done from the Smart Inbox. Is there some way you can enable archiving of Gmail messages from the Smart Inbox?


can I ask you why you do not want to archive emails from Gmail’s inbox itself? Smart folders are virtualized folders for easier work with folders anyway so this would be quite hard if not impossible.


I have multiple Gmail accounts. Almost all of my email reading is done from the consoldiated Inbox for all my accounts. Since the consolidated emails are all Gmail accounts, 99.999% of the time I want to archive the email message when I’m finished reading/responding to it. Having to archive from each individual Gmail inbox makes the consolidated Inbox useless to me.

Other email clients manage this. I was hoping you could also find a way. Another idea would be to have an option to have “delete” move to the “All Mail” folder rather than trash (like the Mail app on iOS allows you to do). Or allow us to set up a keyboard shortcut that allows us to do the same thing (using the Airmail client, for instance, I can hit the “e” key to archive my messages from the consolidated Inbox).


I am now getting info that this feature is now planned and will be implemented.

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Is there any news on this? I am really looking forward to this feature…

it is still planned, but it is not our main priority.


so is there a rough estimate on when it will be implemented?

I cant provide any date, we have no ETA on it.


I’m so disappointed this wasn’t addressed in version 6. I’ve been waiting for it. It’s such a hassle to be working through emails, then have to switch to an inbox just to archive one. We can delete from the Smart Folder. We can move a message to Junk from the Smart Folder. Why not archive from the Smart Folder?

Yes, it is irritating. From the original support analyst’s response, they even seem surprised that this is something we would find useful. Obviously very low on the priority listing. I’ve stopped using emClient for this very reason, and will only consider switching back once this gets addressed, but the longer it takes, the more likely they lose me as a customer.

They shouldn’t be surprised. Last year I saw a response that seemed to indicate it was an oversight in version 5 that couldn’t be fixed until version 6. Well, it was worth checking. I’ll check back again someday.…

thank you for your patience, as I have written there it is still planned.


I was thinking of purchasing eM Client but this is a deal breaker for me too.

Interestingly, Postbox does allow this. In fact in Postbox you can assign an archive folder to non-gmail accounts and use the archive button for those accounts too. Unfortunately the Postbox devs seem to be too busy with their Mac version at the moment which is why I’m looking around.

Yup. They lost me as a customer over this one. I’ve switched to another client solely for inbox archiving which is mandatory as far as I’m concerned. Pathetic really.

Can I ask which client you’re now using?

I read another thread that implied that archiving was to be ‘fixed’ for the inbox smart folder in version 6 but that was months ago. I’m not sure I can trust this company.

I’m using Airmail now.

Airmail looks really good. Shame it’s OS X.

I would love this functionality also, it’s a bit of a hassle having to switch accounts just to archive messages, especially when sorting through a long list. I’ve had a look through the settings and can’t see anything new (I may be missing somthing though?). As the last post here was around 6 months ago, any news if this functionality will be implemented soon?

i’m looking for the same feature too. the main reason to use any desktop email client these days is to consolidate multiple email accounts. without the archive button, i need to go back to archiving emails in each individual inbox… that kinda defeats the whole purpose of installing eM client… is there an alternative desktop email client that works better with multiple gmail accounts? 

I’m the original requester of this functionality. I posted this request over a year ago, and was told a year ago it was something planned to be delivered… Since then, nothing. Crickets. I moved to another email client a long time ago ((Airmail). I suggest you give up on this one. The developers aren’t interested in improving their product in this regard…