Gmail and IMAP issues - convert to POP? Also some Performance issues with eM Client

Been using eM Client for 3 months, one account set up as IMAP with Gmail and another as POP with RR. Having several issues:

  1. Sometimes client seems to hang, as Gmail emails don’t download. I quit client, and when I re-launch regularly get message “Communication with previous instance failed. The other instance has to be ended in order to restart the application.” So I click ok and re-launch and it now synchs correctly. VERY frustrating!
  2. I receive about 300 emails a day, and either delete or file off messages into folders (which were imported from Thunderbird and in the RR account). Right now have about 3300 emails in inbox, 1700 in Sent (I keep all Sent Items). The eM Client seems to have slowed down… I’ve been getting a “please be patient, this may take a few minutes” message when deleting or sending a single small message - restarting eM Client seems to have addressed.

So, given the above
A) should I be moving to POP rather than IMAP for my Gmail? If so, how do I do that and avoid downloading all my old messages that are still sitting on Gmail?
B) Am I doing something wrong by moving and deleting messages to cause the slowdown? The POP-based account has none of these issues.

Thanks in advance,

Dave V.

PS: Should have said that #1 happens at least once a day, sometimes more frequently… that is why I am asking if I should move to POP.

Having the same trouble, don’t know how to physically set up a POP account, the software automatically configures my email as an “IMAP” causing other computers the inability to receive emails while my software is open…please help.

I also want to set up my gmail acoount as POP. How do i do it?

Dave: With regarding to IMAP vs POP issue, many things can be involved. But IMAP do require more bandwidth when handling mail, since very action is synchronized with the Gmail server. You’ll have to try and see. You can setup the option in Gmail not to download archived mail. This is your only solution. Or you can import your old mail from you other PC you mention which are already download.

As to setup up POP, in you Gmail Options -> Settings -> Forwarding and POP -> Enable POP. And change your Mail server settings in eM Client as mentioned here:…

TNCS thanks for your reply. I know how to setup POP in Gmail. What i don’t know is where do i change server setting in EMClient since there is no tab with POP3 in EMClient in the gmail account settings.

Sorry, read too fast. With regarding to Gmail, you can’t just change the server setting. This is how eM Client works at the moment. So I would first advice to copy your IMAP Gmail to local folder first (unless you don’t want the old mail). Than delete the Gmail account.

When setting up a new mail account, do not choose mail provider as Google or Auto detect or else it would use IMAP again. Instead setup manually by using the specific account type -> Internet e-mail. Follow the wizard and just input the correct server and port settings.

It worked !! Thanks TNCS.