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How can I enable the aliases for my google apps account? I have them set on my google apps console but when i click on the “aliases” of the gmail account  they are not brought in automatically to the linked accounts box. This is not the case with the iclouds account that brings them in automatically.

Now, even and if i set them manually in the address list, and of course corresponding to the ones on my google apps console, it doesn’t work. When the mail is delivered the “from” address is the orginal mail account and not the alias.

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PS  Congratulations for your software, where have you been hiding? I bought three licenses including lifetime upgrades and I just joined your forum. cheers!

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of your gmail account settings? Did you add the accounts to “Send mail as” and did you select “Treat as alias” while setting this up?
If you have the aliases setup like this and you’ve added them into to Tools > Accounts > Your account > Aliases, eM Client should reply to the email address, the email was sent to.

What version of eM Client are you using? I’m glad you like the application, hope it stays that way.

Also as a pro license user you’re entitled to use the priority support ticket system at or

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Thank you for your reply as I followed your instructions and it works now. In em client should the aliases appear automatically in the “linked account” box or do i have to set them manually? It would be very handy if they can be downloaded and appear automatically just like it happens with the icloud account.

I use the latest em client version and I will start using the priority support ticket system as you suggested.

Last question is that I would like to favor a few features that some you already have promised to do them or it still debated whether they will make it to a new version. A couple of them are for example threaded converations and linked in connectivity for contacts. How can I promote these without tiring you?

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Hi again, whether the linked accounts appear automatically or not depends on the setting on the server, but mostly you need to enter them manually.

We’re already working on Conversation View (Threaded conversations), however this feature takes some time to develop and most probably will be a feature of version 7.
I’m not sure what you mean by linked in connectivity for contacts.

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Also if you can find the feature on this forum, it should be more than enough to comment on that idea topic with a +1 or similar comment, we’re marking down the popularity of this feature and then considering them for implementation. If you can’t find it on the forum start an idea topic and let other users vote on the feature.


If there is a setting on the server (google apps console) that I could use to make them appear automatically then please do point out exactly where it is. The reason is that I have many google apps accounts and 3 em clients at the moment so I would rather have them synced better that way than making manual changes on each one.

By the way this leads me to the next question, is there a way to save and transfer my em client setting from one to another? Or is it only done through a complete back up and restore that includes all data? I was just interested about settings of the em client and possibly account settings like the above.

As for the linked in I simply meant linked in connectivity/plugin so that I can have linked in contacts as a folder in my em client.



Hi again, unfortunately it’s not possible with Gmail, google apps accounts to display this automatically.

You can transfer your account settings by exporting a .xml file in File > Export > Export settings into .xml file, you can select what settings you want to include in this .xml file and just move it onto another computer and import the .xml settings, the accounts should be setup (including your password if selected) and you can just start using the app on another computer in minutes.

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Yes it helps, both answers were exactly what I needed to know.

Keep up the good work and spread the word of your software!

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Thank you, let us know if you come across any other issues, or questions about the app, we’ll be happy to help.