Gmail Account Failure in Em-Client - Repeatedly "requires Password"

Dear Team,

   I have login my Gmail Account with my Em-Client, But it repeatedly asking my gmail password again and again.

  I have enabled IMAP and POP3 Settings in my Gmail Account Settings, and i have provided a very strong password to my gmail account. And i have checked the Port no’s. of SMTP and IMAP in EM Client.

  As soon as possible, suggest a possible way to add my gmail account with Em-Client.

I’m afraid your email can’t be both IMAP and POP3, so please tell me how you set up your account? Gmail is usually set as IMAP by default.
Is there any error message accompanying this issue? Can you include them if so, and after the problem occurs, also please look into Tools > Operations > Log tab and copy the contents here.

Best regards,

Hi,  I have attached the Images for your refrence. Ref the below mail, that shows often in my emclient. I configured the Gmail account in default method only, but it shows the dialog box for “Required Password Authentication”. I repeatedly provided my gmail password in that but not yet completed.

Emclient - Log Shown below: 
5:11:28 PM [email protected] [IMAP]  Synchronizing subfolders: For folder [email protected]/

IMAP :     Port: 993
SMTP:     Port: 587

Thanks for your immediate Response.

Please also check your Security policy in the SMTP and IMAP tabs, if you’re using these ports, try to set it to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”.

Also please test if you are able to login into your gmail account through Internet Explorer?

I have your suggestion but its repeatedly shows this following two images…

image 1: I providing the correct password only


image 2:  shows the application permission from Gmail End, I provide Allow Option only

But I don’t know why its shows the same pages again and again. One more, i have reinstalled EM-Client completely but still issue is not fixed. 

Thank you for your immediate response.