Global storage folder?


I have 6 e-mail accounts in eM Client and view all in the smart folder “all inbox”, which works great. However, I need a place where I can drag and drop the e-mails that are processed but I still want to keep in case I need to consult it in the future…

I could make a storage folder for this for each e-mail account, but then I need to open and scroll to that folder each time within the right account. Is it possible to have 1 big “storage” folder, not particularly linked to any e-mail account?

The only possible solution is to create one big “storage” folder in Local folders - would that work for you?

Thx for your reply… but if I move the mail to local folders, the mail stays in the inbox as well :frowning:

Did you drag and drop it?

Yes, ok, it moves away from inbox now… I made a folder under local storage called 'Stufftohandle" - but it’s all the way at the bottom. Is there a way to have this folder under “smart folders” on top?

No, it is not possible - I am sorry.

My storage folder has just disappeared.  Unfortunately I have no back-up.  Any ideas why this would happen?  

Hello Jo, not quite sure what you’re referring to, are you suggesting that your database has been removed from the Application Data folder on your computer and eM Client has forced you to setup your accounts from scratch?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Unfortunately I have not come across any issues like this before, as eM Client is unable to remove it’s own database.

Is it possible you’ve accidentally re-setup the storage location in the application settings without moving the data to the selected location?


No, I’m not that smart!!  Its not a database issue.  I just had a folder under “Local Folders” called Keep, and would drag and drop any important emails in there.  Using version 6.0.22344.0

Hello Jo, please note that once you move your items to local folders, the data is not available anywhere else so it’s important to keep a backup of this data if it’s valuable to you. Are you having issues with displaying the Local folders or do you just see an empty local folders dropdown that does’t contain the keep folder below?

I’m afraid I’m not sure what might have made your folder disappear, but please make sure to keep local folders enabled in Tools > Settings > General.


Just an empty local folder - no dropdown.  I’ve not set back-ups and archiving.  thanks for your help.

Hello Jo, if the folder is no longer available under Local folders without an existing backup, I’m afraid we won’t be able to restore the data. I’m afraid the folder must have been removed.