Give priority to the Inbox folder when synchronizinging IMAP accounts

It’s been happening very often to me that when I needed to urgently open a message because I knew that one was coming in (with the client waiting on the other side of the phone line), I had to wait too much until the Inbox folder got synchronized. Please add the possibility to specify which folders should sync automatically and which manually, thanks. 

It’s surprising to me that this need is not felt necessary by most users. Evert time I open the application, it starts synchronizing everything and before it gets to the inbox folder (IMAP account) it may take up to 1 minute (I have many folders and subfolders in this account, which is not Google, Outlook or Exchange-type). One minute may seem short to many, but in a business environment it can be too long, especially when you are supposed to read new emails as soon as possible. 

Is there any setting to speed up IMAP inbox folder synchronization with the server?

Thank you