Getting Started

Hey, I just downloaded EMClient and I have no idea what I’m doing. I want to make sure that my emails are secure and protected. Is there something special I have to do when sending an email through EMClient or does it do it automatically? Is there some sort of beginner guide out there that someone can post a link to.

It depends what you mean by secure and protected.

The emails on your computer are only as secure as the rest of your data. If you use encrypted drives and have password access to the OS, then they should be fairly secure. If you don’t, anybody who boots your computer, or has your hard drive, will have access to your email. You can set a password for eM Client start, but that is easily bypassed, and is just there as a very basic deterrent.

If you are asking about once the email leaves your computer, then usually we use Secure SMTP (SSL/TLS) to connect and send messages to the server. This is the default setting for most email accounts. You will see that in your account settings in security policy under the SMTP tab.

The only time it should be set to Don’t use secure connection , is in some instances where the server is on your local network. Otherwise any of the other options will provide a secure connection.

This is secure enough for most needs, but if you want a higher level of security then you can encrypt the messages you send using GPG, PGP S/MIME etc. To do that, you need the recipient to first send you their public key. Then when you send them the message it is encrypted and only they can decrypt it. They are the only one who has the private key and password, so it is unlikely that anyone else can decrypt the message. It is not normal to use this type of security unless you are sending classified or highly sensitive emails.

A way to protect your sent emails, is to digitally sign them. That way they cannot be altered, and if they are, the receiver will be notified that the content has changed since it was sent.

You can find out more on how to use Signing and Encryption in the Help File (F1). If you don’t find what you need, just ask in this forum. If you are interested in encryption of email, Google is a wonderful resource for discovering how that works.