Getting (or sending) notices from Calender events

New User, trying the Calendar. I can’t seem to get it to send me an email on a calendar event, or even any notice at all. What (how) does it do anything other than show the calendar with events you put on it?

eM Client does not support email and sms reminders yet. You can only set default popup reminders.

oops I guess I should have replied on the comment tab, please see post below.

Oh ok, I did get it to send a scheduled event email notice to my wife’s email, but it would not send it to mine (same addr as account).

But how do I get it to show even a popup for mine, I’m not getting nothing.

Oh I see it now, I have to leave eMClient running all the time, then it will give me a popup reminder. That’s kinda neat, wonder what kind of memory, processor footprint eMClient has ?

It depends on your activity. If you do not use eM Client (like sending lot of messages or deleting huge amounts of messages) it will not take much.