Getting going

I have been successfully using eM Client until yesterday.   For no reason I have been able to find, it now no longer receives or sends messages.  I finally uninstalled eM Client and re-installed it but with no joy.   The old opening page pops up showing just yesterdays work.   I have used “New” to try to send an email to my own address and, although it disappeared on clicking “Send”, it does not show in “Sent” nor arrives in “Inbox”.   Where am I going wrong?   And, with no emails, how can I get your reply?

Is there any error on the Operations dialog? I believe you can open it on the Tools menu

Is this a Microsoft account (@hotmail, @outlook, @live, @msm)?

Could well be but what do I do with it?   I used Tools/Operations and am told of a possible POP error but I don’t know what the POP number should be.   BT says 995 but that hasn’t worked.

So where do I go from here?   I suspect that my POP3 and SMTP numbers are wrong but I don’t know what to replace them with if that is the trouble.

Check the POP settings [here]( Settings for incoming and outgoing mail servers)

If you can’t get those working, try using IMAP instead of POP

Go to tools > Accounts > Click on the account from the left side > Then on the right side you well find the (pop/imap) ports beside each other each one in a tab.

How to I get IMAP to replace POP3?   I’m pretty ignorant, aren’t I?

Using the IMAP settings on the BT link above, set up a new “other” account in eM Client

Menu > Tools > Accounts, click +

Don’t use the automatic setup, click Mail then choose Other