Getting constant error reports in the log from gmail

Curently evaluating eM Client and loaded the app on my MacBook Pro Intel with latest OS.

I am repeatedly getting the following error in eM Client latest version which I just loaded over the weekend:

[Google Calendar]Uploading event ‘Run’ on 1/26/2015 5:00:00 AM to calendar ‘’ failed due to the following error: A provided value exceeds the allowed size limit.

The error is flooding the error log with many appearing each min. I can stop the error by deselecting the ‘calendar’ option for the account. While the error is appearing there are no entries in the calendar. I’ve looked at the date and time and there is actually no calendar entry for that time/date, there was an entry for ‘Run’ but later in that day and I went ahead and deleted it plus all later occurrences of the event but still no luck.
Any pointers would be appreciated.