Getting asked for login and password but I don't know for what? eMail Accounts work fine.

Everytime I start eM Client a window pops up that asks me for login and password? It is none of my to 2 eMail-Account logins I am using - I tried serveral times login in password serveral times. If click on cancel my mailboxes(IMAP) are fully functional! So what kind of login am I asked for, I have no idea. Seems like a bug.

I solved it by myself. Here is the solution/workaround:

I am using a synced Googleaccount(Contacts, Calender, mail). I THINK the Google API discriminates between the username ending with or

Getting eMails over the GMail Account worked fine with [email protected] Account information, but syncing of Calender or Contacts didn’t work, that’s why the “Please login” window constantly popped up. Using instead solved the problem. I created my Google-Account a couple of years ago when only domain existed in germany. Maybe that’s a reason.

Dear, eM Client developers it would have helped a lot if I got some more information in the popup, at least which account is asking for login and password.

Anyway the Google-Syncing feature is a dream like the rest of the client. Thank you so much. There was no good eMail Client out there until now.


I am glad you resolved it yourself. Anyway, you can always find more information in the tab Logs in the popup window.

What tab Logs in pop up window? I’m having the same problem but not with gmail, I have my own domain.
eM Client appeared to download & install fine, it imported everything from Thunderbird but I can’t send or receive email as it asks for a username - presumably my email address? & a password.


Tools - Operations - Log tab

anyway send me Import, IMAP logs - Tools - Settings - Advanced - and mark off Import under Global and IMAP under your account.
Then restart eM Client and try to import again, after this send me logs to [email protected]
also please copy&paste (to wordpad) - Tools - Operations - Log tab and add it to email with logs

and please attach this URL:…