Getting a great look using Theme Editor

Thank you for introducing the Theme Editor! I look forward to using it.

For the moment, I can’t find my way around it. I don’t know what all these words are: GridHeaderEnd, Groupbox, Treeview, etc. It would be great with a point and click system where you can simply point to the part of your eM Client that you want to modify, and then do it.

Here are things I’d like to change in my setup to make my eM Client window both practical and beautiful. Can somebody please give me advice about how to do it? Thank you!

(I use the ’Red Effect’ theme. I only use eM Client for emails.)

  1. I’d like to scale the entire window or all text up with approx. 20%. (I’ve activated the ’Touch Input’ view, but that doesn’t make much of a difference – only a little more line spacing).

  2. I’d like the left column (’Favorites’, ’Labels’, ’Accounts’, ’Local folders’) to have a dark blue background with white text.

  3. I’d like the upper part of the window (’New’, ’Update’, ’Search’, etc.) to also have a dark blue background with white text.

  4. I’d like the rest of my window to stay as it is.

Thank you for your help!

I believe that there will be a blog entry soon that will explain a bit about using this new feature.