Get Satisfaction sign in fails. Retrieving email from a Windows.old file fails

Unable to sign in with Get Satisfaction. Reset password four times. Ugh.

Retrieving email from Windows.old fails. Need to merge old emails with current ones. Path to old seems to be: C:\Windows.old\Users\T420\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\mail_data.dat How to do that is not clear. Several tries to use “Import” etc. fail. Also, does this file contain both Inbox and Sent mail? Using eMclient 7.1, recently installed. Not sure whether old version is 6. Some fail messages say no .eml files found (?). The old Inbox is about 12K files with attachments. Current Inbox is about 2K emails dowloaded recently from ATT/Yahoo. John A.

You need to copy the whole \AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder, not just selected files.

Close eM Client and copy the folder. If you open eM Client and there is nothing there, you can try to import if it was a version 6 database. Go to Menu > File > Import > eM Client 6.

This will not merge the emails. It will replace the current database with the old one. What you need to do before copying the folder, is to export anything you want to keep from the current database. Then after the copy, you can import the data again.

Of course if your account is setup as IMAP , the emails will be on the server, so there is no need to use the old database or export/import from the current one.

Thanks Gary. Will try your suggestions tonight. My web service is ATT/Yahoo and only keeps emails for 18 months. Since this problem (OS reinstall) started two weeks ago, I will have to save/import from two sources. BTW - Still having trouble with the GetSatisfaction system which seems to required a password reset every time I use it.

Just make sure that before you copy the folder from Windows.old that you export any data from eM Client that you want to keep. You can export whole folder trees, so it is fairly simple to do. Also, don’t forget your contacts and calendar.

I login to getsatisfaction using a Google Account, so am never asked for a password.