Get real support - EM 9 has issues w/ group emails

So - I have PRO Version 9.0.1708

On websites with a link to email a group of people - when I click on email the group - it populates say all 12 email recipients at first BUT then when I go to enter the body of the email - the program DELETES all but one recipient. I have been using EMClient for years and this is a brand new issue in say the last week or so.

Also - when I try to log in for PRO support - it says Version 7 is no longer supported and to upgrade BUT I have a LIFETIME license and, as noted, already Version 9 - what do I need to do to access PRO support!

This issue with multiple recipients has already been resolved, and the fix will be in an upcoming release.

Go to Menu > Check for updates. If your license supports version 9, it will be installed.

That is exactly the version already installed on my computer BUT apparently not recognized when I try to access PRO support.

VIP Support is a yearly subscription. You get 1 year with the initial purchase, but after that you need to purchase it per year if you need it.

Yep - got that - was ready to PAY but the message said I had to upgrade first

So I already have the update to that version - group email doesn’t work so do you know when that fix will be released??



See other messages re:

  1. when will the fix be released?
  2. how can I re-subscribe to support if your site thinks I have Version 7 while I have Version 9?

Continuing to ask for help here

  1. email a group of contacts still does not work - stated a fix was coming BUT I still want to know when as I am in trouble emailing folks for about 10 days now

  2. still trying to sign up for support BUT the site will not let me because it thinks I have Version 7 when I 100% have the most current version.

  3. In the meantime - I have to change my email client just to get work done - please help ASAP

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