Get error: "OPERATIONS: An Error Occurred. Uploading item(s) to folder " name/" failed with an error: Invalid email."

Can’t figure out what this sync error is or how to fix it: << OPERATIONS: An Error Occurred. Uploading item(s) to folder “ name/” failed with an error: Invalid email. >> But I know myemailaddress is correct. So what could be causing this? And what could the fix be? Please advise. Thanks.


it seems that you are trying to upload an event with incorrect email address so I recommend you to use the “Repair” option in the Google Calendar folder properties. If it won’t fix the problem re-create the account from a scratch in eM Client. 

Thanks for the prompt response! I figured out how to do what you’ve suggested and the error hasn’t come back in a few minutes…how long would it normally take to know that the issue was resolved?

Hi, that depends on when the error was being shown previously, if it showed up immediately after a synchronization attempt, you should be able to check this by simply either restarting the application or go to File > Work Offline and then again to go back online to force the application to synchronize all items. If the error isn’t shown after that, it was fixed.

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It appears to be cleared! Thank you all! I’m in lust with eM Client so far! Msoft & Gmail (and probably others) have ruined their email & calendaring look-n-feel, and you all appear to have given us users what we want…thank you!

That’s good news to hear, thank you for reporting this. Hope you’ll be satisfied with the application from now on.

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I’ll upgrade to PRO soon…thanks again!

How do you perform the “repair” option you describe?

Right click your calendar folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the Repair button…

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