German telekom "Mediencenter" inregration?

thank you for this software.
Are there any planning about integrating the cloud from the german telekom “mediencenter” in eM Client to be able to synchronize calendars, contacts, mails and tasks (exactly as it is already possible with Google)?

can you please explain how exactly Mediencenter works with contacts, calendars, mails and tasks? I dug around a bit and found that Mediencenter works as DropBox.

sorry for the confusion. You are right, “mediencenter” is similar to dropbox. my mistake…

What I meant in my question was the calendar/email/contact application of german telekom with which you can already synchronize the data with outlook and mobile devices (“Sync‐Plus”). I was wondering if eM Client could be in a next version used as desktop front-end for this service (as i am using it cirrently as front-end for my Google calendar, tasks and contacts).

If they are using standard protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, CalDAV and CardDAV, you should be able to set the account without any problems.