German GUI - sometimes confusing

I am an eM newbie and changed over from MS Outlook 2003.
First of all - your gmail account import is ***** (five stars)!
Then, I wanted to customize the columns that are shown in folders. It’s easy, but I wanted to apply this customized view to all of my folder and subfolders (I have in total > 250). And I could not find that in the German GUI.
Changing over to English GUI, I saw a menu topic “Apply to other folders” (or so) - in the German GUI this topic is named “Regeln anwenden…”, (“Apply rules…”), which is completely confusing.
Further, there are other puzzling topics like “Archivierung” and “Sicherung” - I found that these terms are used not consistently - particularly the term “Archivierung” used for different functions.
Juergen H.