General presales questions about eM Client.


I’m new to eM Client. I usually use web-based email only, but I’ve been thinking lately that it’s always a good idea to keep a local copy of my emails, in case the worst happens.
I do have some requirements that I want to make sure eM Client can meet, before I start using it:
Please excuse my lack of proper terminology.

1-My mailbox (including all sent, received, drafts, etc emails) is almost 6GB. Once eM Client downloads all the contents, will it be able to handle it fine?

2-Once I have a local copy of all my emails (again, almost 6GB), I’d like to create separate “archives”, which I’ll use to categorize my emails. These archives should be separate files in my hard drive, and I should be able to open them as needed.
Is this possible?
Can I open several “archives” at the same time?

3-I know this may sound a bit paranoid, but I want to make sure I’ll be able to access my local emails and archives even if eM Client is not around any longer.
Are the local “archives” stored in an open format file? or maybe an easy to “parse” format? (ie. sqlite, xml, mbox, etc)

4-Let’s suppose I have a local copy of my emails, and delete some of them from the server. I then realize one of the emails shouldn’t have been deleted from the server. Can this be reverted from within eM Client? (ie. uploading a local message)

5-If I use eM Client with GMail, can I choose to only work with my emails? (ie. use eM Client only to handle emails, not contacts or calendars)

I think that’s all for now.



thank you for choosing our email client, here are the answers for your questions: inbox consists of 6 email accounts with one having 12GB worth of mails and it is fast as fresh install.

  1. no we put everything into single database (content sorted so there are “more than one”) which is not possible to make into separate files.

  2. Well, it is possible but only trought very very hardway, Anyway trying to open or do anything with databases by external program usualy ends in broken database.

  3. if you create backup or mark off email account for offline use then yes, otherwise not because default setting is that emails are always synchronized fomr server

  4. yes, while creating new account in eM Client just choose what would you like to let eM Client handle.

I hope these answers can help you make your decision.

with regards

ad. 4 - you can save it into local folders and if needed then you can move it to some IMAP folder and then messages will be uploaded back onto server.