General Passwords - Unable to change!

General Passwords - Unable to change! URGENTLY RESOLVE very poorly planned change !!!

The program MUST, MANDATORY, allow an EASY change of the password. Which currently doesn’t happen! IT MUST be there in ACCOUNTS and must have the CLEAR option!!! Changed for what, for whom?

I can’t change the password at all, because THE FIELD DOES NOT APPEAR for this purpose! It’s a real ABSURD!

I await apologies and RESULTS - I PAID for the program!

Current version: 8.2.1721 (3b3cd99)

To change the password, go to Menu > Accounts and change the password in the Authentication section.

If you don’t have an Authentication section, then the account is setup using oAuth. That means it does not use a username/password in eM Client. If you change the password on the server, there is nothing you need to do in eM Client. That is party the purpose of oAuth.

Dear Gary,
Your proposed solution just doesn’t work.
Now, what do I do? Since I don’t have access through this program… (What about you? Are you from technical support and part of the emclient team?)