General ideas

Em Client has definitely a place to fill as a capable desktop client needed when Mozilla abandon the Thunderbird development. There is though weaknesses that must be corrected.

  • No Imap folder subscription

  • No editor with html tagging, like Paragraph, Headers and Cite.

  • Apparent unstable network. Exclamation marks on the account name is a sign of code correction needs.

  • Messages opens in new windows instead of on tabs

  • No short cut functions for inserting links and images

  • No possibilities to control where different copies could be stored

  • No apparent and easy to understand Junk mail hander.

  • No manual archiving function.

  • Indistinct account tree. Account name could be either bold or highlighted to improve the clarity

  • No Evernote plugin, well that’s was a personal one!

It sounds as a sad list of opinions but I do like the client and hope to see development of the product.