G-mail - em client

I’ve been using hotmail with em client quite happily for a year or so and am now considering trying a G-mail account with em client. I understand there are potential issues as g-mail has a slightly different set up.

Could I ask, if anyone uses g-mail with em client… and do they work well together? (I like em client)


eM Client is a Google Workspace email client that allows easy configuration and full synchronization with Gmail and Google Workspace. Sync in this Gmail app for Windows and Mac includes email, calendars, contacts and tasks. eM Client gives companies and individuals the ability to fully utilize Gmail and Google Workspace’s potential, including:

  • Automatic configuration of all services
  • Gmail labels synchronization
  • Synchronize your calendars (including Shared calendars and Free/Busy view)
  • Manage and synchronize your tasks (or assign them to your colleagues)
  • Manage and synchronize your contacts (including GAL)
  • “Out of office” functionality

Hello Gary, Good sales pitch… sold me.

Potential problem I’ve experienced elsewhere are duplicate folders/labels… two draft folder or two sent folders… that sort of thing. Something to do with either a running script or sub folders being part of the inbox. etc. ??

I’m hoping em client deals with that sort of thing, without me having to think?