Future release schedule

be a little more open about future releases and the features you are considering in it. it helps in retaining clients and keeps them from going to competitors.

Here is a list of some of main features planned to be in version 3.1:

  • GUI to open .ics and .vcf and store it to calendar/contactlist, associations for .icw, .vcf files
  • folder exclusion (and auto-detection) from communication history and global search, i.e. Archive feature
  • Facebook basic synchronization (contacts, message, chat, read only calendar, contacts’ pairing, sending messages)
  • scheduling notifications
  • upcoming events and birthdays box
  • apply all rules on folder
  • aliases for an account
  • maybe virtual folder “Unanswered” (all emails that haven’t been answered)

and to version 3.2:

  • beta version of Exchange synchronization
  • Facebook final synchronization
  • Twitter basic synchronization
  • advanced indexing in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF
  • new columns management and groups system
  • backup feature
  • link history in sidebar
  • maybe chat in sidebar
  • maybe custom icons

and lot of small features and considerations…

thanks for the info! new features look quite attractive.

how about the release schedule? when can i see 3.1 and 3.2 being released? any tentative dates?

and are there any beta versions planned to be released? is there a link from where i can grab a copy?

Version 3.1 will be released in couple of months (no exact planned date). And next version in similar schedule manner.

Intermediate builds are available as updates (go to menu Help->Check for Update…).

As far as I understand IMAP special folders are not going to be implemented any time soon. Could you please confirm?

See https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…

As my colleague wrote there, in version 3.1 user will be available to configure names for IMAP special folders (in case server doesn’t send information about non standard name of special folder).

Any conversation view of emails?

We can’t say for sure but conversation will be maybe in version 3.2.

Someone asked for this over a year ago, and it’s a fairly common feature. It helps keep topics together without going to the extremes of adding lots of folders. I would need this over any Facebook integration any day.

Absolutely NEED a spell check feature where it automatically does spell check when you hit send. A common feature in every other email client I know. I keep sending poorly spelt emails because I expect an auto check at the end, instead of having to manually do it.