Funky error message at startup

Apparently, I tried to create a group list and messed up some how. Every time I open eM Client, I get the following error message:
MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Uploading item(s) to folder ‘[email protected]/Contacts’ failed due to the following error: Can not remove all contact group memberships. Contact must always be in at least one contact group. Version 8.2.1479
I can skip the error message and use the app with no problem. However, I would love to correct it if possible.
Thanks for any suggestions.

See links in this thread that should help you.

Can not remove all contact group memberships.? - eM Client

Ensure that ALL your contacts are assigned to at least a ‘contact group’

Go to the Contacts section of eM Client.

Right-click on the Gmail Contacts folder and choose Properties > Repair.

Thanks so much. I think that fixed it.

Thread does not exist or is private

@Paul_G That’s very strange that thread was there 11 days ago. Sounds like it was removed.