Full sync with Gsuite instead of 2 months?


Im new here and I am looking for the possibilities of our company to use eM Client instead of Outlook in the future. I tried now to set things up: I have 2 Gsuite mailaccounts, one is almost 30gb, the other only 100mb. If I sync both accounts, with the large Gsuite account I can only go back till February 15., how to synchronize all the e-mails from the last years? If I search, I don’t find those e-mails either.

I hope to hear from someone!

Update: I did select the options to download all messages for offline usage (including the attachments).
Update 2: I have subfolders that contain 60.000 e-mails, eM Client is only downloading 593 e-mails.



I think I solved it, it was a process of 2 steps, I add it here just for future cases:

  1. In Gmail, go to settings and then IMAP, set IMAP to unlimited (one of the last settings). This causes more e-mails to be downloaded, but not a full sync.
  2. Go to the folder “all e-mail” in eM Client, right click settings and then the tab “repair”, after repairing everything, everythings was synced.

Very, very useful. Thanks Robert.

You are welcome! I tried many topics in the forum, but couldn’t fix it, because I had to adjust both (in the right order: first change the setting and after that, “repair”).