Fulfilled Dreams & High Hopes

First things first – my compliments to the chef! EM Client is a tasty, hearty program with a buffet-worthy assortment of goodies. :slight_smile:

That said, I would love a few tweaks, which would greatly improve productivity/value for me. The first two are super important to me; the rest would be really nice but I can live without.

  1. Ability to edit subject of any email (keeping the rest of the original header/body info intact).
  2. Ability to change/customize entire program font (on all screen areas; such as left folder pane, toolbars, & pop-up windows).

  1. Ability to change/edit toolbar (such as: rearrange icons, add/remove icons, options of text below/next to icon or no text).
  2. Ability to archive older mail, and then easily access/read archived mails.
  3. Ability to apply a customized view to any parent/child folders from any other folder (ie, when I choose which columns and what order I want my Inbox to be like, I should be able to copy that same format to any other folder).
  4. Fix inability to add pop version of Gmail (for those who don’t want to have access to all IMAP folders). I know this is supposed to be currently available, but no matter what settings I tried (and I’ve connected successfully through a number of other email programs), I couldn’t get it to work.
  5. Option to tell program to ‘ignore duplicates’ when importing mail or contacts.

Ok, that’s my kudos & wish list. Keep up the great work!!

I would also very much like to see the ability to edit the subject line of a received email.

I receive regular pdf attachment emails from our firm’s scanner, and in Outlook I have the ability to edit the subject line so that these scans can later be searched and found. This seems not possible in eM Client, and is an unfortunate shortcoming.

As a work around how about forwarding the emails to yourself under a new heading?

I can see logic in not allowing title changes of mail that may have many recipients. Unless you invoked another “key field” - sender & sending time perhaps, but that wouldn’t work if the same message was mailed on several occasions.