Front in list way too small.. I am unable to increase it pass 6pt. Keep getting error that size is too large for the list

I have attached my screen shot… as you can see the front is way too small for the list portion of the screen.   attempts to increase fails with message that the size is too big.

Without a fix for this, my 30 day evaluation will not pass and I will just look for some other software for my needs.  The font size for the email and the folder list is good…   no issues there.

Hello Richard, not quite sure what “size is too big” error you’re referring to, if you want to increase the size of your font in the message list, you have to increase the line-height as well as the font-size, otherwise the font size selected will be too large to fit into the specified line-height for your items.


I increased the row hight to 50 and it would not accept it… the max is 27 pixels.

I have attached the error I get that telling me the font size is too big.  max size I can choose is 6pt which is too small for my display (laptop)

Hello Richard, if you increase the row size to 27px you should be able to select a maximum size of the text to 14pt, that is unfortunately the maximum size the application can work with at the moment - in case you still find this setting too small, you can adjust the DPI settings on your computer and enlarge all your items.


the default reset will change the Row height to 23 and font to Segoe UI, 9pt. When I try to up the font size it will display the font too large message and reset the font size down to 8pt. I can then increase the Row height to 27, apply, and still the max font size is limited to 8pt. Hopefully ver 7 will not have that issue as its very hard to use the app on a 3k Dell XPS 15 display.

Thank you